1. FFIV:MC Developer's Office

    News & Updates

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    A forum where all news & updates to the server, site and forum are posted.

    All events and contests facilitated by us are posted in here. Usually a good source for prizes.

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    Help & Support

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    If you have issues with the server, site or forum, please post them in here.

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    This forum is for suggestions on the map, forum or site itself and also any feedback pertaining to it.

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    The Tavern

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    Meet with other players and post to your hearts content, a general discuss of casual sorts. Kupo!

  2. FFIV:MC Server

    1. Kingdom General Discussion

      General discussion across all kingdoms. Declare war or discuss terms, trade, peace and more with opposing and allying towns.

    2. Kingdom Plaza Marketplace

      Discuss trade and barter on behalf of yourself, town or faction as you gather materials to establish yourself!

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    3. General Minecraft Discussion

      Discuss any aspect of Minecraft itself.

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    4. Screenshots

      Have a screenshot you want to share? Post here and see what others think about it.

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    5. General Final Fantasy Discussion

      Discuss any aspect of the Final Fantasy franchise! I suggest Final Fantasy IV! Or the very latest XV! or Tactics!

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    6. Kingdom Factions HQ

      Need to recruit people to join your faction? Post a requirement topic

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    7. Minecraft Questions

      Have a question about something ingame whether it's about the server or the game in general, post here to get a response!

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  3. Back to Earth

    1. General Chat

      Off-topic general discussion about topics that do not fit elsewhere

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    2. The West Wing

      Discuss world news and politics going on in the world today.

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    3. Entertainment

      All things entertainment are posted in here: TV, Movies, sports, literature and music!

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    4. Other Games

      We all love Minecraft and Final Fantasy! So how about other games? Post about them in here!

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    5. Graphics Gallery

      Barring in-game screenshots, post anything else here such as your latest Photoshop design or graphic.Show off any other creation, participate in contests, and make requests.

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    6. Polls & Surveys

      Post polls and surveys in the field to see what the rest of the community thinks!
      Post count does not increase here.

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    7. The Debater's Stage

      Debate topics with the rest of the community.

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    8. Technology Discussion

      We're all tech-enthusiasts for the most part! Post about your latest rig, gadget or tech-inspired topic in here!

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    9. Roleplaying Forum

      Roleplay with the rest of the community, after all, this is a role-playing minecraft server/forum.

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