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  2. Just checking in after a few months! How are things?
  3. Ah, awesome news! Is there any way I could help? I have a small amount of experience running a MC server, and I'd love to be part of a project like this!
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  5. Hey guys, Just a quick update. The project isn't dead, it's simply been worked on a slower pace than normal due to constraints out of my control. I apologize to everyone who is looking forward to this.
  6. Hey Axel, this project isn't canceled, it's simply been put on the slow track until I can dedicate more time to it. Currently it's a one-man project and until I can get it to a state where others can assist, it will stay that way. However, fear not, despite the the quiet appearance of the project, I am working little by little to finish the world and bring it out to you guys. One way or another, this project will see the light of day. It's just hard, I'm almost essentially tackling every aspect of creating an MMORPG by myself which is tedious to say the least; however, it will be rewarding for not just me but everyone when I can release it at it state I am satisfied with. I want to thank you for your interest and support.
  7. I've always wanted a multiplayer experience based on the classic Final Fantasies. I'd hate to see it go already; this looks so cool!
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