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  3. A little update. There has been a lot of work done behind the scenes which makes it appear as if this project doesn't progress. Luckily the site is mostly finished for the moment and I can resume WorldPainting so that I may upload the world and start building. If I am lucky, that will be by the end of the summer. Let's see how that pans out.
  4. Summer is coming near and that means fresh sunshine! Blistering heat! I think I will just stay indoors and dev a bit. Welcome all new comers. Please feel free to post and share. This endeavor is nowhere near over, but it's determined to be seen through! -Beret
  5. Testing the automation group changes rules upon joining a Town
  6. FFIV:MC will allow players to roam the country side, allegiance to no kingdom! This change gives players the option of a nomadic lifestyle with some caveats, as choosing to live outside the confines of a kingdom means you relinquish a lot of perks that come with living in one. Without having to choose a kingdom, players who decide to travel will be focusing on territories for small-scale groups if not solo. Most vagrants will build upon a small parcel of land they can claim ANYWHERE, not just within their kingdom's borders. Anywhere with a few slight caveats, such as not being able to settle within around 150~ blocks of a capital city. The rules of the road are still being forged and this play-style, while still being developed, will give players the ultimate freedom of choice. Is there a King of Vagrants? Perhaps.
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