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  1. General Chat

    Off-topic general discussion about topics that do not fit elsewhere

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  2. The West Wing

    Discuss world news and politics going on in the world today.

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  3. Entertainment

    All things entertainment are posted in here: TV, Movies, sports, literature and music!

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  4. Other Games

    We all love Minecraft and Final Fantasy! So how about other games? Post about them in here!

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  5. Graphics Gallery

    Barring in-game screenshots, post anything else here such as your latest Photoshop design or graphic.Show off any other creation, participate in contests, and make requests.

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  6. Polls & Surveys

    Post polls and surveys in the field to see what the rest of the community thinks!
    Post count does not increase here.

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  7. The Debater's Stage

    Debate topics with the rest of the community.

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  8. Technology Discussion

    We're all tech-enthusiasts for the most part! Post about your latest rig, gadget or tech-inspired topic in here!

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  9. Roleplaying Forum

    Roleplay with the rest of the community, after all, this is a role-playing minecraft server/forum.

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